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Please note that this application is only for 2022 Pipe Creek Peddlers Markets. If you check the box interested in “pop-up shop” or “be a permanent vendor at PCM” it gets you on the list of interested folks that we may contact for future opportunities. For more information on our Pipe Creek Peddler program please join our Facebook group “PCM Peddlers“. Thank you so much for you time and we hope to get to know you soon!


Fill the form below accurately to be considered as a 2022 Pipe Creek Mercantile Market Peddler. If you do not have a business name, Instagram or Facebook, that is ok but you have to put “NA” in the box, do not leave it blank. Forms that are not completely filled will not be accepted.

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    Spring Fling: May 6th & 7thFall Fest: September 16th & 17thPop Up ShopPermanent Vendor

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    We suggest a minimum of 3 images of your stylized products or craft and 1 image of your booth. If you do not have booth images, add another stylized picture of your products. If you are a Musician/Master, add pictures of previous events or music style playlists. Please ensure all your files are in JPEG format.

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