Vendor Agreement

Person(s) applying to the Pipe Creek Mercantile Peddler Program understands that they must follow all rules set by Pipe Creek Mercantile and their entities.

These rules and regulations will be laid out in a contract. This contract must be signed and rent paid in full before the vendor may begin doing business on Pipe Creek Mercantile Property.

Pipe Creek Mercantile and its agents, officers or employees shall not be liable for property damage or personal injury to Vendor, its agents or employees, which may occur on or about any part of the subject premises, regardless of how such an injury or damage may have occurred. Vendor waives any claim against Pipe Creek Mercantile and assumes all liability for loss or damage to Vendor’s property entrusted to the premises. Vendor shall hold Pipe Creek Mercantile harmless and shall indemnify Pipe Creek Mercantile against all liability or expenses arising out of any claim of injury or damage to any person or property, together with all cost in connection with the defense thereto. I agree to abide by all of the policies of Pipe Creek Mercantile.