Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the name Pipe Creek Mercantile?

Maci and Tressie grew up right down the road from Pipe Creek Falls, and they always enjoyed riding their bikes to watch the waterfall and talk about old family stories. Our great-great uncle owned the Pipe Creek Falls Resort when it was a restaurant and then a tavern.  There is much family history camping there “down by the river, in an old bus”.

Pipe Creek Mercantile is located in Pipe Creek Township and is about 6 miles from the picturesque, beautiful falls. It is a nostalgic feeling to do what they are doing so close to what generations before them had done. We sell today as antiques, what they used everyday.  Tressie and Maci feel blessed to be a small business in Miami County. This area has given us the inspiration, love, and care that we’ve needed to grow our business here and afar.  They could not be more satisfied about where this glorious journey has taken them, or more appreciative of the community that gives back to them each day.

How do I become a vendor?

Go to the bottom of the home page, under “become a vendor”, click on the “find out more” button. Many questions regarding having a booth here can be found on this page. If you have any further questions,  come on in and talk to the storekeeper. After your application is finalized you will be put on the waiting list of those who want to join our Pipe Creek Family.


What is the difference between vintage, a collectable and an antique?

The technical answer : Antique is something that is 100 years old or older. A collectible is less than 100 years old and a vintage item is less than 25 years old or something that has cycled back into fashion. Here at Pipe Creek Mercantile we have 40+ vendors who love all categories. We have something for everyone, from high end primitives, to vintage enamel tables to farmhouse decor.

Do we buy merchandise or take consignments?

Bring in a picture and price of your item and we will let you know!

I’m looking for a specific item; can you help me locate it in your store?

We will try to help you find what you are looking for but we have 10,000 square feet of space, filled with constantly changing merchandise. Sometimes it is just fun to come treasure hunting because you never know what you might really need!

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Do you ship or mail merchandise?

No we do not ship, however we recommend local packaging stores.  Customers do have to make their own arrangements.

Do you offer layaway?

Yes. Layaway can be used for large furniture pieces over $500.  We require a 30%, non-refundable deposit to put the item in layaway. The item cannot be discounted to be placed on layaway. The layaway must be paid off within 30 days via weekly payments. If one weekly payment is missed, all previous payments are forfeited and the item is put back out for sale.

Do we deliver furniture?

We have a local delivery service for a fee. This is only available on specific days and must be arranged at the time of purchase.

Can we hold items after purchase?

We can hold an item for 10 days and no longer. If the item is not picked up within 10 days, a fee of $25 per item, per day will be owed. This payment will go directly to the vendor, as they are losing valuable selling space while waiting on the item to be picked up.