About Us

Once upon a time 2 sisters stumbled across an antique store called Front Porch Primitives.

In 2009 Front Porch Primitives opened in a quaint barn down the road from the current location of Pipe Creek Mercantile. Front Porch Primitives was a cozy antique shop opened by Chris Bontrager, Marie Chilcutt and Linda Stranahan along with their spouses. In 2014 they moved their location down the road to a bigger building (the current location of Pipe Creek Mercantile). With the extra space they added vendors and quickly made it one of the nicest antique malls in the area.

Around the time the trio of women were wanting to semi-retire Tressie and Maci (the 2 sisters) were on the hunt for a building for a project they had in mind. In March of 2019 they bought the building and took over the business with the help of their loving parents, Mark & Lori Maupin.  They changed the name of the mall to Pipe Creek Mercantile. Front Porch Primitives still remains inside and is a vital part of the business here.

As the world spun and 2020 happened, the sisters project goals morphed into what is now Pipe Creek Mercantile & Trading House Café. Step by step they are expanding and working toward creating an experience of the ages for all people.

Over the past years it has been such a blessing to get to know and learn from every one of the vendors here. We are told regularly “this is the best antique store we have ever been in” and that is due to them. Our vendors truly are the most qualifed, gifted and talented group of cool humans out there!

It is truly incredible to imagine the items we sell being used by people from a long time ago working to create the American Dream.Our goal for this beautiful place is that every human walking through the doors feels peace and love, smells the maple bacon cooking, sees awe-inspiring displays and hears the quaint be-bop of a long-ago tune.

We have big dreams, big visions and exciting plans.  We are blessed by our customers and family who help to make Pipe Creek Mercantile in Peru, Indiana be a place of dreams. 

In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps. Proverbs 16:9